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At the Highbrow Clinic you will experience the very best when it comes to facial treatments. Using products from medically acclaimed AlumierMD we offer a range of skin peels that are guaranteed to leave your skin radiant and glowing. We offer a selection of superficial to medium depth peels known for their excellent results and safety profile. We believe in repeated treatments for progressive and gradual results, and to avoid the side effects and downtime associated with deeper peels.  Chemical peels will be performed by a trained skin care professional.


AlumierMD was created by a global team of experienced biochemists, physicians and skin care specialists. AlumierMD develops scientific formulations using innovative ingredients at optimal levels within advanced delivery systems to address: Ageing | Rosacea | Acne | Hyperpigmentation.

To compliement your treatment we also sell the full AlumierMD skincare range.

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