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The Highbrow Skin and Laser Clinic has become a centre for excellence in all aspects of semi-permanent make up (SPMU).


Increasingly we are seeing clients who have had poorly placed, over saturated or sub standard SPMU work carried out elsewhere and we are delighted to be able to remove and correct this for them.

We offer removal on all areas including the delicate eye area using our state of the art laser. Our level 4 laser specialists will advise and assess the areas that you wish to have removed and carry out a patch test as part of your PMU removal consultation. The number of treatments required and outcome will vary for each individual and this will be explained as part of your consultation.

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Semi Permanent Makeup (SPMU) Removal

how does semi permanent tattoo removal work?

Cosmetic tattoo removal is incredibly similar to conventional laser tattoo removal.


A handheld laser device is used to precisely target the area of pigment to be removed. The wavelengths created by the laser break down the pigment which will then be naturally dissolved by the body. During each session, the laser will target ink deeper in the layers of the skin, fading and lightening the pigment until the desired results are acheived.

effective removal for delicate areas

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Laser is by far the most effective method of cosmetic tattoo removal, our team have undergone thorough training to gain their qualifications enabling us to give you the very best treatment plan for your semi permanent makeup removal. We specialise in the following SPMU removal types; eyebrows, eyeliner, freckles & scalp micropigmentation.

time for a re-fresh

Whether you are looking to remove your brow pigment altogether or fade the colour ready for fresh re-application, you can expect effective results with semi permanent eyebrow laser removal. Each individual will respond differently to the laser treatment, so a bespoke treatment plan will be tailored to you. Typically, three to six sessions are required based on the original pigment and depth of application, however this will vary from client to client. 

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reasons for removing semi permanent makeup 

Client wishes to get semi permanent makeup re-freshed.

Undesireable results from a previous application.

Style or colour has become outdated.

Pigment is beginning to fade unevenly.

Client wishes to return to their natural look.



How long will it take?

Semi permanent makeup colour removal normally takes 2-4 sessions spread 6 weeks apart. 

During your consultation your technician will discuss your desired outcome. The number of treatments will vary for each individual.

Can just part of a cosmetic tattoo be removed?

Yes, due to the precision of the laser, we can target small sections of your cosmetic tattoo. 

Does semi permanent makeup removal hurt?

Most clients who have undergone cosmetic tattoo removal say that it feels similar to being flicked by an elastic band. However, as everyone's pain threshold is different it is difficult to say how you will find the sensation.

The face is a more delicate area of the body to work on so it is may feel slightly more uncomfortable than removing a tattoo elsewhere on the body.

We can carry out a short patch test during your consultation, so you get an idea of what sensation to expect.

Numbing agents are applied before the treatment begins so the pain should be minimal, and of course we’ll check throughout to make sure you’re comfortable.

Do you offer a consultation to discuss treatment options?

Yes! We strongly recommend booking a consultation appointment where we can discuss your desired outcomes and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

The cost of our SPMU removal consultation is £30 which includes a patch test.

Will my eyebrow hair be damaged from SPMU removal?

Hair or pigment loss is not common, however, if this does occur as a result of cosmetic tattoo removal, it is only temporary. Your brows will go back to normal after a few days.

We will discuss possible side effects during your consultation.

How much does a semi permanent makeup removal cost?

Semi permanent cosmetic removal starts at £75.00 at The Highbrow Skin & Laser Clinic. The number of treatments required and outcome will vary for each individual and this will be explained as part of your consultation.


Visit our SPMU price list for further information. 

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