3D Areola Reconstruction / Medical Tatooing

We are delighted to be able to offer 3D Areola reconstruction.


Louisa Franzen is a specialist and trainer in semi-permanent cosmetics with 20 years’ experience and a wealth of industry knowledge. Having gained a huge amount of job satisfaction creating beautiful, natural brow, lip and eyeliner enhancements which replace definition lost due to age, illness etc., she knew she could offer so much more.

For many years Louisa wanted to take her cosmetic tattooing to another level where she was able to make a life changing difference to a client’s appearance and self-confidence with a simple medical procedure. Then Louisa discovered medical tattooing, specifically 3D areola reconstruction and scar camouflage.

The 3D advanced areola and nipple reconstruction treatment is for clients post breast cancer surgery and can include scar camouflage as well. The 3D technique is so life like that when the client looks in the mirror from then on, she will feel complete again.


Alongside this Louisa has studied neuro-linguistic programming. She has learnt to carry out a technique called "anchoring" during the reconstruction procedure which allows her clients to feel more confident and self-assured after the ordeal of diagnosis and surgery. 

We have various options available for you. Please note that the procedure is a three-part process and will usually require a few visits to the clinic to complete the final result.

3D Areola Reconstruction Treatment Options:

Monthly Donation Day

To discuss or to book the Donation Day option, please contact us

Full Paying Client

To discuss or to book the Full-Paying Client option, please contact us

Alternative Funding

There are a number of funding options available. For more information please contact us



Louisa is offering 1 “Donation Day” a month, where she has committed to donate her day off to undertake the treatment. 


You can apply for this by filling out a questionnaire that we supply.


There is no obligation but if you are able, we ask that ladies make an anonymous donation into our donation box. This donation will then be used for the next special lady, providing needles, pigments and other equipment necessary for the procedure.


This option does tend to get booked up very quickly. 

Please contact us for more information



This option is for ladies who cannot meet the dates or requirements for our donation day or who would prefer not to wait for an available slot.


With the Full-Paying option, you are able to choose an appointment subject to Louisa’s availability. You will come for an initial consultation followed by the treatment and a subsequent touch up appointment to check both you and Louisa are happy with the final result. 


The cost is £400 for lateral 3D reconstruction and £450 for bilateral reconstruction.

Please contact us for more information



There are a number of funding options available.

Please contact us for more information 

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