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The Highbrow Collective

Our new health café and holistic event venue warmly opens its doors, inviting you into a serene and welcoming space designed to nurture both body and mind. The calming ambiance sets the perfect environment for a variety of events aimed at promoting well-being. Our café offers a carefully selected menu of nutritious, delicious snacks and beverages to support a healthy lifestyle. Whether you're here to simply enjoy a drink or participate in a mindfulness workshop, our venue promises a rejuvenating experience, making it a haven for those seeking balance and tranquility in their everyday lives.

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Upcoming Event - 11th July 

Nervous System, Mindfulness and Well-being with Alison Stockton

With 29 years in the industry she specialises in supporting women to heal their bodies unblocking limiting beliefs, worthy wounds, chronic illness and to achieve living an enriched life.

Alison’s talk will be focused on the nervous system, emotions and mindfulness. We are delighted that Alison is holding our first wellbeing session in The Highbrow Collective.

We are opening up 20 FREE spaces for this session, so make sure you book your space quickly!

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Life Coaching Workshop with Jules Whale

Jules workshop ‘Turning Your Inner Critic into Your Personal Cheerleader’ will be packed with insightful information and exercises to help you reframe your inner critic. This is one not to miss!

FREE Event

20 spaces available



The Power of Hypnotherapy with Katrina from Bloom Hypnotherapy

“In the realm of alternative therapies and mental wellness practices, hypnotherapy stands out as a fascinating and often misunderstood approach. While it has its roots in ancient healing practices, hypnotherapy has evolved significantly over the years, gaining recognition for its potential to address a wide range of psychological and even physical issues.”

FREE Event

12 Spaces available


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